Aluminium Products

Our aluminium manufacturing facility located in JHB South Africa has the most sophisticated and advanced machinery handled by dedicated professionals providing our clients with top class products.

We take pride in the fact that we are the manufacturer of Aluminium products in the South African region and provide our clients the leading edge in Automotive & Industrial Aluminium Radiators, Oil coolers, and Inter coolers, for OEM and aftermarket sales for local and international market to suit the needs of global demand in Aluminium technology for new generation vehicles and industrial applications.

We firmly believe in protecting the environment and our plant is completely eco friendly and encourages environmental friendly practices.

We also fabricate custom build units for the industrial, mining and automotive industry.

Our product range consist of;

Aluminium Inter-Coolers

Aluminium Oil-Coolers

Aluminium Water-Coolers

Aluminium Profile Extrusions

Aluminium CNC Punching & Bending

Aluminium Profile Cutting

Aluminium Welding

Air Blast Coolers