What is 4 Everdeck®?

4 Everdeck® is a 10 year guaranteed composite decking product which is manufactured from a mixture of HDPE and wood filler.  It is used predominantly for outdoor decking applications.

What does a completely installed 4 Everdeck® cost?

As a guideline you can expect to pay in the region of +- R1’875.00 per square metre for a complete professionally installed 4 Everdeck® – this price will vary depending on the complexity of the job, and excludes extras such as stairs or hand railings.

How much do 4 Everdeck® decking boards and fasteners cost per square metre?

For the supply only of 4 Everdeck® boards including the special fasteners & stainless steel screws the price is R1’110.00 including vat per square metre.

Do you install 4 Everdeck®?

We do not install 4 Everdeck® ourselves; however we can put you in touch with installers throughout the country.  Please let us know if you would like us to get an installer to contact you.

Can I purchase 4 Everdeck® from you and arrange my own installation?

You can purchase 4 Everdeck® directly from us.  We carry stock in our Durban warehouse and will deliver countrywide within 24 – 48 hours. 

What 4 Everdeck® profiles and colours are available?

 Double Sided Decking Boards 25 mm X 150 mm X 5800 mm in Chocolate Brown, Cocoa Brown, Charcoal Grey &     Oyster (Oyster is 10% more expensive).

 L Shaped End Capping 50 mm X 50 mm X 2900 mm to match above colours.

 Solid Fascia Board 10 mm X 90 mm X 2900 mm to match above colours.

 Solid Fascia Board 10 mm X 142 mm X 2900 mm to match above colours.

 Tongue & Groove Wall Cladding Board 21 mm X 156 mm X 2900 mm in Chocolate Brown & Charcoal Grey.

 Solid non-structural joists 30 mm X 40 mm X 2900 mm

 Complete Railing System – details on request.

 Brown, Grey & Oyster DIY Decking Tiles.

The prices of the above are all on the our price list.

What guarantee does 4 Everdeck® have?

4 Everdeck® is guaranteed for 10 years (copy of guarantee document is available on request) and the expected life span is in excess of 20 – 25 years.

Why choose 4 Everdeck®?

 4 Everdeck® is ideally suited to outdoor decking as it has all of the advantages of timber without any of the    disadvantages.

 Industry leading guarantee.

 More than six years of supply to the South African market and a proven track record.

 Available ex stock – overnight delivery throughout South Africa.

 The best quality composite decking on the South African market.

 Looks similar to timber.

 Maintenance Free – never sand or seal.

 Hidden Fastening System – no screws to stub your toes on.

 Splinter free – barefoot friendly

 Excellent traction, especially when wet.

 Impervious to insect attack.

 Easy to install – no need to drill any holes through the decking.

 Environmentally Friendly – manufactured from recycled timber and plastic.

 Easily machined with standard woodworking tools

How does the price of 4 Everdeck® compare to timber decking?

You need to be aware that composite products may initially appear to be more expensive than timber, however once one takes the maintenance of timber into account, as well as the ease of installation of 4 Everdeck® products, you will find that it is more cost effective to install 4 Everdeck® than timber decking.

From an installation point of view, it is much easier to install 4 Everdeck® than a timber deck as there is no need to drill or plug any holes in the decking and unlike timber, once you have installed 4 Everdeck® you will never have to sand or seal or worry about rotting.

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